Hilde Weström

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Engineer, Interior Designer, Furniture Designer

Date of Birth: January 01, 1912

Birth City: Neisse, Upper Silesia (formerly in Germany, now in Poland)

Birth Country: Germany

Resident City: Berlin

Resident Country: Germany

Notes: Opened own office in 1945 in Berlin, Germany

Archive/Repository: IAWA, Special Collections Newman Library, Ms87-061

Sources: http://spec.lib.vt.edu/specgen/msguide/mgwxyz.htm


Subject: Geographical Focus

Description: Berlin, Germany

Subject: Housing

Subject: Child development and educational facilities

Subject: Furniture and children's toys


Employer: City of Berlin

Country: Germany

Employer: City of Breslau (today Wroclaw, Poland)

Country: Germany

Employer: private practice

Title: Founder, Architect

City: Berlin

Country: Germany


Name: Hans Scharoum and Winnetow Kampmann

Project: various

Country: delete


Institution: City of Berlin

City: Berlin

Country: delete

Notes: Inventory in historic buildings and monuments, for the city of Berlin

Country: delete

Notes: research and design for central covered market, for the city of Breslau (today Wroclaw, Poland)


No awards on record


Title: "Interleau"

Description: Exhibition, the design and installation of flexible living spaces

City: Berlin

Country: delete

Title: .

Description: Organized and prepared the exhibition of Gerda Rotermund, an artist friend

Country: delete

Notable Projects

Title: .

Description: Transformation of a bomb shelter into a primary school

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Title: .

Description: Won a national competition for housing for the elderly

Country: Germany

Title: .

Description: Joined "Interbau", developed housing for state financed housing

Country: Germany

Description: During the following 30 years Hilde completed over 800 housing units (including condominiums, rental apartments, social housing and private houses) and won numerous design competitions.

Country: Germany

Description: She also began to incorporate kindergarten space into her housing units. In 1953 she designed social housing with a ballet school on the first floor.

Country: Germany

Title: .

Description: Kindergarten and Music School, Berlin-Zehlendorf

Country: Germany

Title: House for Ursula Hanke-Forster a sculptress

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Description: Late in her career she designed the Ibero - American Institute to the State Library

City: Berlin

Country: Germany


Institution: Technical University, Berlin - Charlottenburg, Germany

Notes: Major professors: Walter Andrea and Heinrich Tessenow

Institution: Technical University, Dresden, Germany

Notes: Major Professors: Hans Freese and Oswin Hempel


License: Architect and Civil Engineer

Professional Affiliations

Organization: Chamber of Architects, Germany

Organization: Consultant to the Town Council of Berlin

Organization: Union of Women Architects

Organization: International Union of Women Architects

Organization: School of Thought- Rudolf Steiner

Publications By

No publications by on record

Publications About

Title: "The History of Women Architects"

Notes: exhibition catalogue, Berlin

Title: The History of Women Architects

Author: Sonja Gunther, Christine Jachmann, Helga Schmidt-Thomsen; Michelle Stanley (translator)

Publication: Exhibit Catalog

Publisher: ABC Satz and Druck GmbH

City: Berlin

Notes: This is a catalog published for the exhibit of the UIFA (Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes) . An exhibition of the German Federal Republik Section of the UIFA within the framework of the IBA (International Building Exhibition) in Berlin.