Anna Gabriele Wagner

General Information

Occupation: Architectural Researcher

Birth City: Graz (Styria)

Birth Country: Austria

Resident Country: Austria

Notes: Co-editor of Eva & Co. (architecture), research on collective housing - one kitchen houses. An important part of the first women's movement in Europe., 1984-1989: Member of the women's department of the student's union and departmental chief from 1985-87., 1988-present: Member of the working group "feministic architectural research" (Arbeitskeis feministische Architeckturforschung)., Several seminars in "Women studies" with Eva Meyer (Architekturen), Eva Kreisky (women and political education) and Christina von Braun.

Archive/Repository: IAWA, Special Collections Newman Library, Ms2000-078


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Notes: Own office


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Institution: Van den Valentyn

City: Cologne

Country: Austria

Institution: Verena Dietrich

City: Cologne

Country: Austria

Institution: Sieseritsch

City: Graz

Country: Austria


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Description: Staistic survey for the exhibition "Woman architects in Austria" and participation with a student project "Music Academy Graz" (1988)

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Notable Projects

Description: Planning and realization of a canopy for the 'women house' (house for beaten women)

City: Graz

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Notes: Studies in history of art and german language and literature

Institution: Technical University, Graz, Austria


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Professional Affiliations

Organization: Arbeitskreis Feministische Architekturforschung (Feministic Architectural Research)

Role: Member

Publications By

Title: "Lebenslinien" with Felicitas Konecny in Eva & Co.

Publications About

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