Ms. Gaby Schreiber

General Information

Occupation: Industrial and Interior Designer

Birth City: Vienna

Birth Country: Austria

Resident City: London

Resident Country: Austria

Notes: She was last working and concentrating on the collation and publications of her projects and work, while also producing the memoirs of a life full of worldwide travel, glamour and high society, and the hard work of heading an international concern at the top of her profession.

Sources: McQuiston, Liz. Women in Design: a Contemporary View. New York City: Rizzoli, 1988.



Employer: Gaby Schreiber & Associates

Title: Chairman

City: London

Country: England (U.K.)

Employer: Runcolite

Title: Plastics Designer

City: London

Country: 56

Employer: William Clark & Sons Ltd

Title: Interior Design Consultant

City: northern Ireland

Employer: National Westminster Bank Ltd

Title: Interior Design Consultant

Employer: Westminster Foreign Bank

City: Brussels

Employer: GHP Group Ltd

Title: Interior Design Consultant

Notes: Chairmans Offices

Employer: Gulf Oil - Eastern Hemisphere

Title: Interior Design Consultant

Notes: Presidents Offices

Employer: Lythe Hill Hotel

Title: Interior Design Consultant

City: Surrey

Employer: Anglo-Continental Investment & Finance Co and Continental Bankers Agents

Title: Interior Design Consultant

City: London

Country: Great

Employer: Myers & Co

Title: Interior Design Consultant

Employer: Peter Robinson Ltd

Title: Interior Design Consultant

Notes: David Morgan, Cardiff

Employer: West Cumberland Hospital

Title: Interior Design Consultant

Employer: Newcastle Regional Hospital Bd

Title: Interior Design Consultant

Employer: Fine Fare Ltd

Title: Interior Design Consultant

Notes: Queensway Store, Crawley

Employer: see notes below

Title: General Consultant and Designer

Notes: Cunard Steamship Co Ltd, Zarach Ltd, Marquess of Londonderry, Crown Agents, Allen and Hanbury (Surgical Engineering) Ltd, BOAC (whole fleet of aeroplanes), Divs. of Dunop Rubber Group, Bartrev Group of Companies, Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd (for the Queen's Flight and RAF), Rank Organisation Ltd, Semtex

Employer: Marks & Spencer

Title: Design Consultant on Plastics


Country: delete


Institution: Rochus Gliese

City: Berlin

Country: 67

Notes: International stage and film designer



Notable Projects

Title: BOAC fleet

Description: interiors of aircraft

Title: Cunarder and QE2

Description: interiors of ocean liners


Institution: Vienna, Florence, Berlin and Paris

Department: Art and stage and interior design

Notes: General Consultant Designer for Industry; specialist in color consultancy and interiors; advisor on purchases of works of art


Professional Affiliations

Organization: William Clark & Sons Ltd, Northern Ireland; National Westminster Bank, Brussels; Chairman's Offices, GHP Group Ltd; President's Offices; Lythe Hill Hotel, Surrey; Anglo-Continental Investment & Finance Co. and Continental Bankers Agents, London; Myers & Co; Peter Robinson Ltd, David Morgan, Cardiff; West Cumberland Hospital; Newcastle Regional Hospital Bd; Fine Fare Ltd.

Role: Interior Design Consultant

Organization: Cunard Steamship Co Ltd; Zarach Ltd; Marquess of Londonderry; Crown Agents; Allen & Hanbury Ltd; BOAC; Divs. of Dunlop Rubber Group; Bartrev Group of Companies; Hawker Siddeley Aviation Ltd; Rank Organisation Ltd; Semtex

Role: General Consultant and Designer

Organization: Marks & Spencer; Yachts

Role: Design Consultant on Plastics

Organization: Design Awards Committee

Role: Member

Organization: Duke of Edinburgh's Prize for Elegant Design

Role: Judge

Organization: Fellow of Society of Industrial Artists and Designers

Role: Chairman of Consultant Designers Group and International Relations Committee, Member of Council, and UK delegate at General Assembly of International Council of Society of Industrial Design

Organization: Panel of Judges for newspaper and magazine competition on Industrial Design

Role: Member

Publications By

Publications About

Title: Women in Design a contemporary view

Author: Liz McQuiston

Publication: Book

Page: 110

Publisher: Rizzoli

City: New York

Country: 190

Title: Works Canteen, Marks Tey, Essex for the Vere Engineering Co., Ltd.

Author: unknown

Publication: The Architect & Building News

Volume: 207

Page: 207-209

City: London, Building and Contract Journal

Date Published: February 17, 1955

Notes: Designers: Gaby Schreiber & Associates

Title: Intellectual migration and cultural transformation: refugees from national socialsim in the English speaking world

Author: Timms, Edward & John Hughes

Publisher: Springer-Verlag/Wien

Country: 10

Notes: ISBN 3-211-83750-7