Ingeborg Winter-Bracher

General Information

Occupation: Architect and Urban Planner

Date of Birth: January 01, 1923

Birth City: Stuttgart

Birth Country: Germany

Resident Country: Germany

Notes: Ingeborg Winter-Bracher is one of three sisters and three brothers. One of few women in architecture, she found it difficult to find work as a woman architect. In 1977, after Emiritation of Winter, she moved to Munich and realized the "Foundation Pro Creatione", a new GESTALT-DIDACTIC, in exhibitions and Symposiums, seminars, and courses for schools, people-high schools, institutions of science, the Werkbund, the rhythmician gymnastics of Dalcroze and the Everyday Life

Archive/Repository: IAWA, Virgina Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24060

Sources: Institute of Architecture in T. Univ. of Munich., IAWA, VPI&SU Libraries, Blacksburg, VA


Subject: Geographical focus

Description: Berlin, Germany


Title: Architect

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Notes: After the first Triennale in Milano, excited by Alvar Aalto, she decided to work in Finland.

Employer: Partnership with Professor F.G. Winter, director of the Werkkunstschule in Krefeld and Teacher for architects.

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Institution: Professor F.G. Winter

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Notes: Draw the Rathaus in Wesel and teach architecture


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Description: Ordered to make competitions in schools, Terrace houses, Old Peoples Homes, Interior Designs, in a Swiss Bureau in Aarau

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Notable Projects

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Notes: Began teaching again, and as a free architect in the office (three young architects left), she was in charge of seven projects alone.

Title: 16 Churches

Country: delete

Title: Protestant Academy of the Rhinland

Country: delete

Title: Schools

Country: delete

Title: Private Houses

Country: delete

Title: Town Planning

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Title: Entered thirty-nine competitions

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Institution: Technische Hochschule in Struttgarter Schule

Notes: One year course in Urban Planning


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Professional Affiliations

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Publications By

Title: Bauten und Ziele (Buildings and Ends)

Co-author: F.G. Winter

Title: Translated the Stadtgestalt (Ashihara)

Notes: She translated the Japanese book into German.

Co-author: F.G. Winter

Notes: After her husband's death she continued his work- publications and books (his biography, diaries, and letters)

Publications About

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