Audry Durland Emmons

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: November 04, 1921

Date of Death: April 01, 1997

Birth City: Manhattan

Birth State/Province: Arkansas

Birth Country: United States

Resident Country: United States

Archive/Repository: IAWA Online Inventory at:


Subject: Environmentally consious residential designs

Subject: West coast of USA

Description: geographical focus


Employer: Department of the Navy

Title: Architect

City: Washington

Country: delete

Employer: Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons

Title: Architect

City: San Francisco

Country: delete

Employer: Malone Hooper

Title: Architect

City: San Francisco

Country: delete

Employer: Audrey Emmons

Title: Architect

Country: delete


Name: Robert Marquis, FAIA

Country: delete

Name: Ernest Born, FAIA

Country: delete


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Award for Excellece

Description: Record Houses

Name: Award of Merit

Description: SUNSET/Western Home Awards, Sunset Magazine

Notes: also in 1965

Name: Award of Merit

Description: Honors Awards Program, Northern California/Bay Area Chapter of AIA

Name: Distinguished Service Award

Description: Kansas State University

Name: College of Fellows, AIA

Name: Award of Merit

Description: House and Home, Life, for Roger Hooper Residence

Name: House of the Month

Description: San Francisco Chronicle


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

Title: Mission Creek apartments

City: Hayward

Title: Pell office building

City: Novato

Title: Church of the Transfiguration

City: San Mateo

Title: Guide Dogs for the Blind

Description: administration building

City: San Rafael

Title: Hayward City Center Condominiums

City: Hayward

Title: Escalle Village

Description: townhouses

City: Larkspur

Title: The Katherine Branson School

Description: faculty housing

City: Ross

Title: Craters of the Moon national Monument

Description: employee housing and maintenance facilities

Title: Bahia Village South for Amrep Corporation

Description: Multi-Family housing

City: Silver Springs

Title: House for Raines-McClellan Corporation

City: Belmont

Title: Tamalpais Savings & Loan (now Golden West Savings & Loan)

Description: main office, branch office

City: Corte Madera, Palto Alto

Title: Whiskey Springs

Description: 6 Duplexes

City: Sausalito

Title: City Hall alterations

City: San Anselmo

Title: House for Dr. and Mrs. Rodney Johnson

City: Wolfback Ridge, Marin County

Title: House for Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Schaefer

City: Calistoga

Title: Ingram Pharmaceutical Laboratories

City: San Francisco

Title: Pineyhill West

Description: Experimental Dairy

City: Calistoga

Title: Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association

Description: Diagnostic Center

City: San Francisco

Title: Grand Teton National Park

Description: Visitors Center

City: Coulter Bay

Title: Apartment Remodelings for Walter Landor

Description: 12 units and 4 units

City: San Francisco

Title: Sonoma Grove

Description: Low-cost student housing

City: Sonoma

Title: House for Mr. and Mrs. George R. Chapman

City: Sausalito

Title: Blanche's Restaurant

Description: alterations and additions

City: San Francisco

Title: Ghirardelli Bookshop

Description: alterations and additions

City: San Francisco

Title: Guide Dogs for the Blind

Description: alterations and additions to kennels, clinic, student dormitory

City: San Rafael

Title: US Naval Facilities

City: Point Sur, Centerville Beach

Title: Stempel's Bakery

City: San Jose

Title: Marinwood Community Center

Description: pool house and dressing rooms

City: San Rafael

Title: Corinthian Yacht Club

Description: remodeling

City: Tiburon

Title: Berrytree apartments

City: Hayward

Title: Bart Springs apartment

City: Hayward

Title: House for Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Hooper

City: Ross

Title: House for E. Dixon Heise

City: Woodside

Title: House for Mrs. Enos Richardson

City: Big Sur


Institution: Kansas State University

Degree: Bachelor of Science in Architecture


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

Organization: San Francisco Chapter of AIA

Role: 1970-72: Chairman, Membership Committee; 1973, 1983: Member, Nominating Committee; 1974: Member, Task Force on Structure; 1974: Member, Jury, High School Design Awards; 1975: Chairman, Public Relations Committee; 1976: Member, Task Force on Dues Study; 1974: Director; 1975, 1980: Treasurer; 1977: Member, Recolation of Chapter Office Committee; 1979: Member, Task Force on Finance; 1980-84: Member, Honor Awards Committee; 1981: Chairman, Task Force on Centennial Publication

Organization: California Coucil of AIA

Role: 1974-76, 1982-84: Director; 1978: Member, Committee on Finance; 1978: Vice President, Social Issues; 1978-80: Member, Relocation Task Force; 1978-82: Chairman, Committee on Barrier Free Architecture; 1980: Member, Task Force on Publications; 1981: Member, Codes Committee; 1982: Chairman, First Honor Awards Committee; 1982-84: Member, Public Awareness Committee; 1983: Chairman, Second Honor Awards Committee

Organization: Architectural Selection Board, California State Colleges

Role: Member

Organization: General Services Administration Regional Public Awareness Advisory Panel on Architectural and Engineering Services, Region 9

Role: Member

Publications By

Publication: Centennial Directory

Publisher: San Francisco Chapter of AIA

City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States

Publication: Brochure for new members

Publisher: San Francisco Chapter of AIA

City: San Francisco

State: California

Country: United States

Publications About

No publications about on record