Mary Jane Colter

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: April 14, 1869

Date of Death: January 08, 1958

Birth City: Pittsburg

Birth State/Province: Pennsylvania

Birth Country: United States

Resident Country: United States

Notes: graduated high school in 1883, she was 14


Subject: Native American influenced designs

Description: Western United States, especially Grand Canyon regions


Employer: Mechanic Arts High School

Title: Art and Architecture Teacher

City: St. Paul

State: Minnesota

Country: United States

Employer: Fred Harvey Co.

Title: Architect

Country: delete

Employer: Santa Fe Railway

Title: Architect and Decorator

Country: delete


Name: Fred Harvey

Country: delete


Institution: San Francisco Architecture Firm

Country: delete


No awards on record


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

Title: Grand Canyon projects

Description: Hermit's Rest, Lookout Studio, Bright Angel Lodge, Hopi House, Watchtower, Phantom Ranch

Notes: Mary was a stickler for detail and because of this, many of the workmen didn't like having her around on the site. She went out of her way to give her new constructions an "already lived in" look, and spared no expense in doing so.


Institution: California School of Design, San Francisco, CA

Degree: Bachelor of Art, Art major

Notes: Upon the death of her father she persuaded her mother to allow her to attend this school so she might later help support the remaining family members, her mother and older sister


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Professional Affiliations

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Publications By

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Publications About

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Title: Drawing from the Desert

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Title: Mary Colter, Builder Upon the Red Earth

Author: Virginia L. Grattan

Publisher: Grand Canyon Association

Notes: April 1995