Helena Syrkus

General Information

Occupation: Architect/Writer/Poet/Townplanner

Date of Birth: May 14, 1900

Date of Death: November 15, 1982

Birth Country: Poland

Resident Country: Poland

Sources: Sister


No specialties on record


Employer: Warsaw Polytechnic School, Faculty of Architecture

Title: Professor

Country: delete

Employer: Office of Reconstruction

Country: delete

Employer: CIAM

Title: Vice President

Country: delete


Name: Simon Syrkus

Project: Various

Country: delete


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Inducted into the Golden Book of the Warsaw Polytechnic School as an outstanding academic teacher

Name: "Polonia Restituta"

Notes: and many other medals from the Municipality of Warsaw

Description: partner in the creation of the Polish School of Architecture

Description: often represented Polish architects and townplanner abroad


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

Description: apartment houses in Warsaw

Country: delete

Description: neighborhood units in Warsaw

Country: delete

Description: individual houses and villas in Warsaw

Country: delete

Description: worker settlements

Country: delete

Description: worker settlements in Warsaw, which appear in the register of architectural and townplanning monuments

Country: delete


Institution: Warsaw University, Faculty of Philosophy

Institution: Warsway Polytechnic School, Faculty of Architecture

Notes: One year later


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Professional Affiliations

Organization: Praesens, a polish avant garde group of young architects and artists

Role: Secretary

Organization: International Union of Architects

Organization: Underground Worshop of a housing cooperative

Role: Chief during the Nazi occupation

Organization: Association of Polish Architects

Organization: Society of Polish Townplanners

Publications By

Co-author: Simon Syrkus

Notes: author of a book on social housing

Title: "To the Idea of Social Settlements"

Date Published: February 01, 1976

Title: "The Man and the Environment: Socialism of Urbanism"

Notes: published after Helena's death

Title: "It is necessary to dig out of deep roots: the meditations of an old architect"

Publication: Odra

Publications About

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