Elise Sundt

General Information

Occupation: Architect/Engineer/Industrial and Graphic Designer

Birth City: Vienna

Birth Country: Austria

Resident City: Vienna

Resident Country: Austria

Sources: Autobiographical; Ziviltechnikerinnen p. 88


Subject: Geographical Focus

Description: Austria, Lybia, Yugoslovia, and Hungary

Subject: Housing

Description: Apartments and private houses

Subject: Office buildings

Subject: Banks

Subject: Educational facilities

Subject: Hospitals


Employer: Hofman and Maculan

Title: Designer of several project in Austria and later head of the international section of the office

City: Vienna

Country: delete

Employer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Telephone Exchange

City: Kabul

Country: delete

Employer: Town Council of Vienna

Title: Consultant

Country: delete

Employer: Own Office

Country: delete


No collaborators on record


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Bestowed the title "Baurat h.c."

Description: By the Austrian Government


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

No projects on record


Institution: Technical University, Vienna, Austria

Degree: Diploma

Notes: Major Professors: Theiss and Lehmann


License: Architect and Civil Engineer

Professional Affiliations

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Publications By

Title: Frauenstudium und Akademische Frauenarbeit in Österreich (Women Students and Academic Women's Work in Austria)

Co-author: Martha Forkl and Elizabeth Koffmahn (eds)

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Notes: Wilhelm Braumiller

Title: Ziviltechniverinnen, Exhibition Catalogue

Page: 88-91

City: Vienna

Title: "Frau als Ziviltechniker" (Women as Civil Engineers), Ziviltechniker und Wirtschaft (Civil Engineers and Science)

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Publications About

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