Silvia Maria Luisa Paun

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Landscape Architect, Designer, Architectural Researcher, Writer

Date of Birth: January 01, 1923

Birth City: Chisinau

Birth State/Province: Lapusna County, Basarabia Province

Birth Country: Romania

Resident Country: Romania

Notes: born Timotin

Archive/Repository: IAWA, Special Collection, Newman Library, Ms91-057

Sources: Corrected by Silvia Paun in January 2001. 1994 Curriculum Vitae in the Dictionary Mondo Femina of the National Confederation of Women Frau Romania-Bucuresti. 1996 Curriculum Vitae in the Dictionary of International Bibliographic Centre Cambridge - England.


Subject: Socio-Cultural buildings

Description: Education, Health, Culture, Dwellings, Administration

Notes: Geographical focus in urban and rural parts of Romania


Employer: ISLGC (now Pro Domus)

City: Bucharest

Country: delete

Employer: Central State Institute

Title: Architect specializing in socio-cultural buildings

Country: delete

Notes: speciality for Education, Culture, and Health. Also an author of more than 50 projects realized throughout Romania as: schools (nursery, infants, primary, secondary, high); asylum, nursery creches, health units, laboratory center, blood centre, clinic hospital; hotel; bank; culture rural house; dwellings; funeral monument; furniture

Employer: Author

Title: research campus author of 42 studies, 70 articles, and 6 books

Country: delete


Name: Arch. Emilian Machedon

Project: Clinical hospital with 1200 beds, 8 surgical groups and territorial Polyclinic in Targue Mures

Country: delete


Institution: State Central Institute

City: Bucharest

Country: delete

Notes: beginning in the domenins of Education and Health. First mentors: Arch. Leon Axelrad, Arch. Gheorghe Trifu, Arch. Henneta Delavrancea, and Prof. Dr. Arch. Adrian Gheorghiu-Bucharest


Name: Prize for architectural conception of UAR

Name: Prize for architectural conception of ISLGC

Name: Prize for architectural scientific research of UAR

Name: Prize for architectural book of UAR

Name: Memorial Metal of the Centenary of the Romanian Architects Society

Name: Prize for architectural scientific research of UAR

Name: Diploma for architectural book and Medal for the whole activity of UAR

Name: National Order Praiseworthy degree of Knight


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

Title: Infant, Primary, Rural and Secondary Schools in many cities and in Bucharest

Title: Bank in Oltenita

Title: Dwellings in Onesti, Moinesti, Vatra Dornei, Valea Calugareasca

Title: Creches and Nursery Schools in Alexandria, Sibiu, Bucuresti, Ploiesti

Title: Health Unit in Oradea

Title: Blood Centre in Buzau

Title: High Schools in Arad, Botosani, Timisoara

Title: Nursery in Slatina, Suceava, Botosani, Roman

Title: Hotel in Medias

Title: Air School in Buzau

Title: Culture House in Balotesti

Title: Funeral Monument in Bucuresti

Title: Furniture in Bucuresti

Title: Clinical Hospital

Description: 1200 Beds, 8 Surgical groups and territorial Polyclinic

City: Tarqu


Institution: Diplomat of School Grad.

Notes: Bucuresti

Institution: DFAB Diplomat Faulty Architecture

Notes: Bucuresti, Studio professor Arch. Constantin Jotzu


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

Organization: Architects Union in Romania (UAR), Bucharest

Organization: International Union of Women Architects (UIFA), Paris

Organization: Scientist Association in Romania (AOS), Bucharest

Role: Academie from 1994

Organization: International Union of Architects (UIA), Paris

Organization: European Society for Astronomy in Culture (SEAC), Leicester

Organization: National Romanian Women Confederation (CNFR) Bucarest

Publications By

Title: Technical Guide in Architecture (ISART-Bucuresti) in Romanian

Title: Archtectural Programelor Prescolare (Ed. Techica-Bucuresti) in Romanian

Title: Identitati Europene inedite Italia-Romania (Ed. Techica-Bucuresti) in Romanian and Italian

Title: Unknown European Identities Italia-Romania (Ed. Tehnica-Bucuresti) in French and English (completed with examples from France, Suisse, USA, and Mexico)

Title: The Heavenly Signs (Ed. Tehnica-Bucuresti) in Romanian, English, French, and Italian

Title: The Apse of the Altar (Ed. Per Omnes Artesi)

City: Bucuresti

Notes: Written in Romanian and French.

Publications About

No publications about on record