Catherine Muller-Schmid

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: May 30, 1953

Birth City: Zurich

Birth Country: Switzerland

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Employer: Self-employed with her husband and Jacky Weidmann

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Name: Jacky Weidmann

Project: Various

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Name: Mr. Schmid

Project: Various

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Notable Projects

Description: office and apartment buildings

City: Zurich

Country: delete

Description: project competition for a building gap to include shops and flats in Basel with Sibylie Heusser

Country: delete

Description: competition for concepts in Bern, development of the area across the Aare-Bridge

Country: delete

Description: double family house in Zollikon

Country: delete

Description: apartments and office building Munchsteig in Zurich. In a difficult situatio with old trees and public gardens a multi-story building was designed to also include all the necessary parking

Country: delete

Description: apartment buildings Rislingstrasse 3, 5, 7, and office building Gladbachstrasse 105 in Zurich. A project which included apartments for 24 families and 1300 sq. meters of office space for a trading bank.

Country: delete

Description: three apartment houses in Oerlikon

Country: delete

Description: housing complex Ilgenstrasse/Schonbuhlstrasse/Unionstrasse. This project includes 20 apartments, 800 sq. meters of office space and underground parking.

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Institution: Federal University of Technology

Department: Department of Architecture

Notes: First Year with Prof. Bernhard Hosli, Second Year with Prof. Werner Jaray, Pracitcal Studies with Rudolf Fontana, Architect, Third Year with Prof. Robert Haussmann, Fourth Year and Thesis with Prof. Dolf Schnebli.

Institution: The AA

Notes: visiting student

Institution: Teachers Seminary

Notes: Zurich, Switzerland


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