Gertie Besosa-Silva

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: 1923

Date of Death: 1983

Birth City: Santurce

Birth State/Province: Puerto Rico

Birth Country: United States

Archive/Repository: Archive de Arquitectura y Construccion de la Universidad de Puerto Rico

Sources: "Panorama: Gertie Besosa-Silva" by Giovanna Riggio in 1999 ;


No specialties on record


Employer: Henry Klumb

Title: Architect

City: San Juan

Notes: Authority of Homes of Puerto Rico

Employer: Division of Site Planning for Insular Authority of Homes

Title: Architect/leader

Employer: Department of the Interior of Puerto Rico

Title: Architect


Name: Rafael Carmoega

Project: Casino of Puerto Rico

City: San Juan



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Notable Projects

Title: Design of new facilities of Casino of Puerto Rico

City: San Juan

End Date: 1944

Notes: First prize while at Cornell University (aid)

Title: Guerra-Mondrago'n Building

City: San Juan


Institution: Cornell University

Department: Architecture

End Date: 1945

Notes: First Puerto Rican woman to earn this degree


License: License

Organization: Government of Puerto Rico

Date Awarded: 1945

Professional Affiliations

Organization: "Evigol, honorary association of women architects at Cornell University"

Role: President

End Date: 1944

Organization: "Governing Body of the School of Architects, Engineers and Surveyors"

Role: First woman to belong to the governing body

End Date: 1945

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