Pamela Weston

General Information

Occupation: Artist

Birth Country: delete

Resident Country: delete

Notes: Pamela is now working primarily as a painter and poet under the name Moma De Louvre. She plans one last architectural masterpiece within her lifetime. Her extensive website does not contain much on her architectural career because of the vast numbers of paintings she has produced and is now producing.

Sources: erri-Jo Idarius;


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Employer: .

Title: Concept Designer

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Country: United States


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Institution: Frank Lloyd Wright

Country: delete

Notes: At age 18.

Institution: Buckminster Fuller

Country: delete

Institution: Paolo Solari

Country: delete


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Notable Projects

Title: Las Hadas

City: Manzanillo

Country: Mexico


Institution: University of Oregon

Degree: Architecture Degree


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