Wendy Scott (Eakin) Bertrand

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: 1941

Birth City: Mt. Kisco

Birth State/Province: New York

Birth Country: United States

Resident Country: United States

Notes: Other interests: Fiber Arts (weaving rugs), French, Community Activist, Writing

Children: Shanette Lea (Bertrand) MANSO, photo/film/web designer

Archive/Repository: planned for IAWA

Sources: Wendy Bertrand, Sept. 13, 2002


Subject: Private homes

Description: Designer/owner of a city home and a rural home, as well as minor work for friends

Subject: Federal government buildings

Description: Architectural and Engineering Management of all types of buildings


Employer: US Navy as civilian

Country: delete

Notes: (17 years)

Employer: Department of Agriculture Forest Service

Notes: (3 years)


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Notable Projects

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Institution: Ecole des Beaux Arts, France

Start Date: 1964

End Date: 1965

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Degree: Bachelor of Architecture

End Date: 1971

Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Degree: Masters of Architecture

End Date: 1972


License: Architect (C-9675)

Professional Affiliations

Organization: Organization of Women Architects/Design Professional (OWA)

Role: Co-founder

Start Date: 1972

End Date: 1992

Notes: Steering Committee Member several different years.

Organization: Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

Role: Board Member

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