Zaha Hadid

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: 1950

Date of Death: May 31, 2016

Birth City: Baghdad

Birth State/Province: Baghdad

Birth Country: Iraq

Resident City: London

Resident State/Province: City of London

Resident Country: United Kingdom

Notes: additional information can be found in "Women in Design a contemporary view". This book is listed in publications.



No specialties on record


Employer: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)

Employer: Zaha Hadid Architects

City: London


Employer: Private Practice

Title: Owner, Architect

City: London


Name: R Koolhaas and E Zenghelis

Project: Teaching

Organization: Architectural Association


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Erich Schelling Price (181)

Name: Architectural Gold Medal

Description: Gold Medal, AD British Architecture Awards

Notes: Awarded for an apartment conversion, Eaton Place, London

Name: Diploma Prize

Name: First Prize, The Peak International Competition

Notes: in Hong Kong

Name: Pritzker Architecture Prize

Description: From Hyatt Foundation, presented in St. Petersburg, Russia

Date Received: May 01, 2004

Notes: First prize to a woman in 25 years -


Title: Paper Art

State: New York

Country: United States

Notes: at Biennale, D�ren

Title: The Great Utopia

City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States

Notes: at the Guggenheim Museum

Notable Projects

Title: Vitra Fire Station

City: Weil am Rhein

Title: LF One pavilion

City: Weil am Rhein

Title: Housing Project for IBA-Block 2

City: Berlin

Title: Mind Zone at the Millennium Dome

City: Greenwich

Title: Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Arts

City: Cincinnati

Start Date: October 01, 2001

End Date: May 01, 2003

Notes: first American project. Winning Comptetition entry -1988

Title: Center of Contemporary Art

City: Rome

Notes: Winning Competition entry - 1999

Title: Car Park and Terminus Hoenheim-Nord

City: Strasbourg

Title: Bergisel Ski Jump

City: Innsbruck

Notes: Winning competition entry - 1999


Institution: Architectural Association School of Architecture

Degree: AA Diploma Prize

Notes: In London

Institution: American University of Beirut

Degree: Mathematics

End Date: 1971


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

Organization: American Academy of Arts and Letters

Role: Honorary Member

Organization: American Institute of Architecture (AIA)

Role: Fellow

Publications By

Title: American Architecture: the View From Abroad

Co-author: Dominique Perrault et. al.

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Notes: January 1998

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Title: Conversation: Zaha M. Hadid, Wolf Prix, and Bernard Tschumi

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Notes: July 1998

Title: Two Recent Projects for Berlin and Hong Knog

Publication: Architectural Design

Volume: 58

Issue: 3-4

Page: 40-45

Notes: 1998

Title: Planetary Architecture Two

Publication: Z. Hadid and the Architectural Association

City: London

Notes: Folio of work

Publications About

Title: The Architect: Women in Contemporary Architecture

Author: Maggie Toy ed.

Page: 66-69

Publisher: Watson-Guptill Publications

Notes: 2001

Title: Envisioning Architecture: Drawings from the Museum of Modern Art

Author: Terence Riley

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Title: The Architecture of Zaha Hadid in Photographs by Helene Binet

Author: Helene Binet and Lars Muller ed.

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Title: Opera House Lottery: Zaha Hadid and the Cardiff Bay Project

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Title: Zaha Hadid: Nabern

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Title: Zaha Hadid: A Bibliography

Author: Lamia Doumato

Publisher: Vance Bibliographies

Notes: July 1989