Ms Renee Gailhoustet

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: September 15, 1929

Birth Country: France



Subject: Architect


Employer: Gailhoustet Architect

Title: owner

City: Ivry

Country: France

Employer: Roland Dubrull firm

Title: Architect

City: Paris

Country: France

Start Date: 1962

End Date: 1964

Notes: plans for renovation of centre of Ivry-sur-Seine

Employer: Ecole Speciale d'Architecture

Title: Instructor

Country: France

Start Date: 1973

End Date: 1975


Country: delete


No apprenticeships on record



Country: delete

Notable Projects

Title: Raspail, Lenine, Casanova towers

Description: several projects: apartment buildings, shops, studios

City: suburbs of Paris

Country: France

Start Date: 1960

End Date: 1985

Notes: worked with Jean Renaudie


Institution: Ecole des beaux-arts

Department: under Marcel Lods

Degree: B.Arch

End Date: 1961


Professional Affiliations

Publications By

Title: Des racines pour la ville

Co-author: none

Publication: editions de l'Epure

Page: 151

Country: France

Date Published: 1998

Title: Eloge du logement

Publication: editions Massimo Riposati

Page: 95

Country: France

Date Published: 1993

Title: Le panoramique et l'Observatoire de la ville

Publication: editions Ne Pas Piler

Country: France

Date Published: 2000

Publications About

Title: "Renee Gailhoustet: Biographie"

Author: unkown

Publication: Cite de l"Architecture (French)

Country: France

Notes: retrieved 2 March 2012

Title: "Logement des jeunes, des prix trop eleves, des choix limites: Temoin

Author: unknown

Publication: Secours populaire (French)

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