Helene Koller-Buchwieser

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Engineer, Contractor

Date of Birth: 1912

Date of Death: February 2008

Birth City: Vienna

Birth Country: Austria

Resident Country: Austria

Archive/Repository: IAWA, Special Collection, Newman Library, Ms95-020

Sources: IAWA Online Inventory at: http://spec.lib.vt.edu/IAWA/inventories/kollerhp.htm


Subject: Modern and Traditional Religious Architecture

Description: Churches and their auxiliary buildings, Educational facilities, Community Centers, Housing; (social housing, housing for the elderly, student housing, orphanages), Private houses, Urban Design, Factories and Fire Stations

Notes: 1946-95, Austria; Upper Volta


Employer: Helene Koller-Buchwieser

Title: Architect/Engineer

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Start Date: June 01, 1948

End Date: July 01, 1995

Employer: City of Vienna

City: Vienna

Country: Austria

Notes: Restoration of infrastructure and bombed housing

Employer: Art Museam

Title: Curator

City: Vienna

Country: Austria


No collaborators on record


Institution: Bruno Buchwieser

Country: delete

Notes: 1932-36 summers as mason and construction spervisor in her father's construction firm


Name: "Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice"

Description: awarded by Pope Paul VI, Rome, Italy

Name: "Medaille de Vermeil"

Description: Medal from the French Institute of Experts, Paris

Name: UNRRA Fellowship

Description: "Sertificate of Merit"

Notes: 1946-47

Name: "Ordre du Merite Volaigue

Description: Medal by the President of Upper Volta, West Africa

Name: Professor

Description: Bestowed the title by the Austrian Ministry of Culture

Date Received: January 01, 1979

Name: Goldenen Ehrennadel

Description: Decorated with "Goldenen Ehrennadel" by the township of Hinterbruhl


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

No projects on record


Institution: Technical University, Vienna, Austria

Department: Major professor Karl Holey

Institution: Specialization in the USA on UNRRA fellowship

Degree: Certificate of Merit

End Date: March 31, 1947


License: Contractor

License: Architect

License: Construction Engineer for Tall Structures

Professional Affiliations

Organization: Association of Architects in Austria

Organization: Chamber of Civil Engineers of Austria

Organization: International Union of Women Architects

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