Quinsan Cao PhD

General Information

Occupation: Assistant Professor


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Employer: Virginia Tech

Title: Assistant Professor

City: Blacksburg

State: Virginia

Country: United States


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Notable Projects

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Institution: University of California at Berkeley

Degree: Ph.D. Architecture

Institution: University of California at Los Angeles

Degree: M.Arch.

Institution: TongJi University

Degree: BS. Architecture

Notes: Located in Shanghai, China


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Professional Affiliations

Organization: Acoustic Society of America (ASA)

Organization: Illuminating Engineers Society of North America (NAIES)

Publications By

Title: Managing Design Information: Issue-Based Information Systems and Fuzzy Reasoning System

Co-author: J.P. Protzen

Publication: Design Studies

Volume: 20

Issue: 4

Title: Modeling Design Reasoning

Publication: Computer Aided Conceptual Design

Publisher: Lancaster University Publishing

Country: United Kingdom

Title: A Knowledge-Based Design Analysis System

Publication: Environment and Planning B, Planning and Design

Issue: May-June

Publications About

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