Theresa Hsu Yuen

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: May 02, 1934

Birth City: Shanghai

Birth State/Province: Shanghai

Birth Country: China

Resident City: Los Gatos

Resident State/Province: California

Resident Country: United States

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Employer: University of California Santa Cruz

Title: Associate architect

City: Santa Cruz

State: California

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 1966


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Notable Projects

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Institution: University of Hong Kong

Start Date: January 01, 1953

End Date: January 01, 1956

Institution: University of Oregon

Start Date: January 01, 1956

End Date: January 01, 1957

Institution: University of California at Berkeley

Department: College of Environmenal Design

Degree: B. Arch

Start Date: January 01, 1958

End Date: January 01, 1959

Notes: Foreign student scholar; honor student; Genevieve McKinerrey scholar


License: Registered architect

Organization: California

Professional Affiliations

Organization: AIA

Role: member

Start Date: 1964

Notes: started activity in 1964 and ended activity in 1984

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