Mia Lehrer

General Information

Occupation: Landscape Architect

Birth City: San Salvador, El Salvador

Resident City: Los Angeles

Resident State/Province: California

Resident Country: United States

Sources: www.nbm.org; http://arch.usc.edu/u/332


Subject: Landsacpe architecture

Description: Vista Hermosa

Notes: Vista Hermosa is a sustainable designed 91/2 acre park in a dense area of downtown LA that features green roofs, native planting and storm water collection

Subject: Silver lake resevoir path

Description: recreational trail

Notes: designea by Mia Lehrer&Associates

Subject: Farm On wheels

Notes: designed by Mia Lehrer & Associates

Subject: Park/garden


Employer: Mia Lehrer & Associates

Title: Partner

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Country: United States

Employer: World Bank Coastal Zone Project

Title: Landscape designer

State: Enniscorthy

Country: Ireland


Name: Esther Margilies, Sara Fairchild

Project: Park/garden

City: Los Angeles

Country: United States


No apprenticeships on record



Country: delete

Notable Projects

Title: Los Angeles River Revialization Master Plan

Description: planning a comprehensive open space network

City: Los Angeles

State: California

Country: United States

Notes: http://arch.usc.edu/u/332


Institution: Harvard University

Department: Graduate School of Design

Degree: Masters in landscape architecture

Institution: Tufts University

Department: Architecture

Degree: B.Arch


Professional Affiliations

Organization: International Federation of Landscape Architects

Role: Member

Organization: American Society of Landscape Architects

Role: Member

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