Aneta Bulant-Kamenova

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Birth City: Sophia

Resident City: Vienna


Archive/Repository: IAWA, Special Collection, Newman Library, Ms2002-016

Sources: IAWA Online Inventory at:


No specialties on record


Employer: Technical University of Sophia

City: Sophia

Country: delete

Employer: Technical University of Vienna

City: Vienna

Country: delete

Employer: Bulant & Wailzer

Title: Architect

City: Vienna

Country: delete

Notes: In 1988, Bulant set up her own office in Vienna, and in 1993 ARGE with Professor Spalt.

Employer: Technical University of Vienna

Title: Guest Lecturer

City: Vienna

Country: delete

Notes: in the disciplines Building Design and Basic Arts Education

Employer: State Design Office "Glavproject"

Country: delete

Employer: Free lanced Architect

Country: delete

Notes: Design collaboration with Blagoy Atanassov and Sculpture Team of Krum Damjanov for building the Jubilee Memorial "1300 Years Bulgaria" in Shoumen

Employer: Own office

City: Vienna

Country: delete


Name: Klaus Wailzer

Project: Sailer House

City: Salzburg

Country: Austria

Notes: 1998-99

Name: Klaus Wailzer

Project: Lightspace K.

City: Piesendorf

Country: Austria

Notes: 1998-99

Name: Klaus Wailzer

Project: House P.

Country: Austria

Notes: Conversion of the 'Haus auf der Hoh' villa, from 1998-99

Name: Klaus Wailzer

Project: Raiffeissenkassa Piesendorf

City: Salzburg

Country: Austria

Notes: 1998-99


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Silver medal and honor sign of Bulgarian Ministry of Culture for the Jubilee Memorial "1300 Years Bulgaria", Bulgaria

Name: Landes- Architekturpreis Salzburg, Austria

Description: Prize, given once every 5 years


Description: Highest worl-wide prize for inovative Glass architecture from AIA (American Institute of Architects) and UIA (International Union of Architects)

Notes: Washington, USA; Paris, France

Name: "House of the Year '98"

Description: Europe- wide Prize of publishing House Gruner & Jahr, Hamburg, Germany

Name: "The golden hous '98"

Description: Special Prize of magazine "das haus" and LBK-Bank, Munich, Germany

Name: Honor Diploma from the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture

Description: for contribution in development and spreading of the Bulgarian culture

Name: First Prize of the city-government of Vienna

Description: for the design of building for Municipality Department 48


Title: AIA Convention Exhibition

Description: Mosconi Center

City: San Francisco

Country: Czech Republic

Notes: 15-22 Mai, DuPont Presentation

Title: UIA- Jubilee Congress

Country: Czech Republic

Notes: Lousanne, CH, 1-7 June

Title: Glass-Conference and Fair BAU'99

Description: own Exhibition

City: Munich

Country: Czech Republic

Title: Conference Glass-Processing Days'99

Description: Poster-Presentation and Speech

Country: Czech Republic

Title: Exhibition and Speech

Description: University of Agricultural Sciences

City: Vienna

Country: Czech Republic

Title: New Austrian Architecture 94-99

Description: 50 selected projects

Country: Czech Republic

Notes: the Exhibition was shown 1999 in Vienna, Ringturm and 2000 in Prague and Brno, Czech Republic and Meran, Italy


Description: Exhibition of the Chamber of Austiran Architects, Vienna, Grax, Klagenfurt, Ljubljana

Country: Czech Republic

Title: New Tendencies in the Austrian Architecture; Emerging Architecture

Description: Selection of Architekturstudio Bulant & Wailzer for the exhibition

City: Vienna

Country: Czech Republic

Notes: 10 Austrian offices; Architecture Center, Vienna

Title: EMERGING ARCHITECTURE/ 10 Austrian offices

Description: shown in: Danish Architecture Center GammelDok, Copenhagen, Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Fono Budai Zenehaz, Budapest, Hungary

Country: Czech Republic

Title: EMERGING ARCHITECTURE/ 10 Austrian offices

Description: shown in Rome, Italy, Austrian Culture Center

Country: Czech Republic

Title: "10 + 10, Bulgarian Architects in the Global World"

Description: University of Applied Arts La CAMBRE, Brussels, Beligique

Country: Czech Republic

Start Date: November 13, 2002

End Date: November 30, 2002

Title: "in - aus - nach; SALZBURG"

Description: Architecture positions in Salzburg from the last 10 years

City: Vienna

Country: Czech Republic

Start Date: April 01, 2003

End Date: May 01, 2003

Notes: Ringturm

Title: Profession: (Woman) Architect

Description: International Exhibition of Women Architects in Prague

City: Prague

Country: Czech Republic

Notes: organized by VITRA Design Center

Notable Projects

No projects on record


Institution: University of Architecture and Civil Engineering

Notes: in Sofia


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

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Publications By

Title: Architectural Guide, Salzburg 98/ Red Cross Building and House Sailer Edition Pustet, Salzburg, Munich

Title: New Austrian Architecture, 1994-99, W. Zschokke, Otto Kapfinger, Edition Pustet, Salzburg, Munich

Title: Emerging Architecture/Kommende Architecktur-1

Notes: Otto Kapfinger;/2000 Architektur Zentrum Wien, ISBN 3-211-83307-2 Publishing house Springer, Vienna, New York

Title: Architekturpreis Salzburg 1976-2000

Notes: hrsg. von der Initiative Architektur Salzburg-Verlag Anton Pustet, Munchen, Salzburg; ISBN 3-7025-0420-6

Title: Wintergarten und Glasanbauten im Detail

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Title: New Habitats in Converted Buildings

Notes: Christina Soler, Verlag Links, Barcelona, 2001; ISBN Engl. Edition 84-89861-47-1

Title: Women in TECHNIC

Notes: Frauen in der Technik von 1900 bis 2000, Wien,Okt.99, Exhibituon catalogue s. 94-95

Title: Trilogie Der Funf-funf Dimenssionen der Architektur, funf Prinzipien, funf Phenomene

Notes: von Christa Illera, Locker Verlag, Wien 2002, ISBN 3-85409-365-9; Anallysen u.a. vom Jubilaumsdenkmal in Bulgarien von A. Bulant-Kamenova, Haus Sailer und Printshpo im Gasometer von Bulant & Wailzer

Title: Architectural Record

Notes: Juli 1998 USA,

Title: Architectural Specifier

Notes: (Chikago, USA), vol. 6/04/98

Title: Building Journal

Notes: London, vol.12/98

Title: Larchitecture d'aujourd'hui

Notes: 1999, Nr. 320,p.18 Paris

Title: ARCH+

Notes: Nr.144-45, Germany, DBZ,6/99,Germany

Title: a+u

Notes: 2/2000, Tokyo, Japan

Title: Le Monoteur

Notes: Paris, 7/2000


Notes: Milano, Febr.2000

Title: a+u

Notes: 7/2001, Tokyo, Japan, future: Recent projects by architects in Europe- 3 projects from Bulant&Wailzer

Publications About

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