Prof. Dr.-Ing Kerstin Dorhofer

General Information

Occupation: Professor, Architect

Birth City: Dresden

Birth Country: Germany

Resident City: Berlin

Resident Country: Germany

Sources: Biographical sketch provided by Dorhofer


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Employer: Private practice

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Notes: The practice concentrated on work in urban renewal, housing and business projects, apartment houses, and social infrastructure.

Employer: Technical University of Berlin

Title: Assistant Professor in urban planning

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Notes: Dorhofer received a promotion to Dr.-Ing with a dissertation on social housing in Germany.

Employer: Fachhochschule Aachen

Title: Professor of Urban and Regional Development

City: Aachen

Country: Germany

Employer: University of the Arts in Berlin

Title: Professor of Architecture and Urban Design

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Notes: Dorhofer has also conducted research into gender questions in architecture and urban planning, her contemporary research project-"The work of women in architecture-a contribution to the building history of Berlin".


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Notable Projects

Title: Institute of Women's Studies

Description: Dorhofer organized the Institute at the Free University of Berlin

City: Berlin

Country: Germany


Institution: Technical University of Berlin

Department: Architecture


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