Jean Hall

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Artist, teacher

Birth Country: Canada

Resident City: Toronto

Resident State/Province: Ontario

Resident Country: Canada

Notes: "In the years after graduation, Jean made every effort to find work in an architectural office, without success. By 1931, the effects of the Great Depression were being felt. Her father's firm was one of many that was forced to close. A person was cons

Sources: Biographical sketch found in the Blanche Lemco van Ginkel Colletion in the IAWA


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Employer: Art firm in Toronto

Title: Employed doing wash drawings and water color for the firm.

City: Toronto

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Employer: Workmen's Compensation Board

Title: Medical Claims processor

City: Toronto

State: Ontario

Country: Canada


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Notable Projects

Title: Fourplex

Description: Hall recieved and Architectural Commission for her father, a Toronto Builder.

City: Toronto

State: Ontario

Country: Canada

Notes: As far as is known this maybe the first building designed by a canadian graduate woman architect.


Institution: University of Toronto

Department: General Arts

Notes: Hall taught school in Alberta from May to August.

Institution: University of Toronto

Department: School of Architecture

Degree: Bachelor of Architecture

Notes: After her second year, 1919, Hall left school for two years to teach in Rearville, Alberta and returned to school in 1921.


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