Brigitte D'Ortschy

General Information

Occupation: Apprentice at Taliesin

Date of Birth: May 31, 1921

Date of Death: July 09, 1990

Birth City: Berlin

Birth Country: Germany

Resident Country: Japan


Sources: A Directory of Frank Lloyd Wright Associates: APPRENTICES 1929 to 1959 ( )


Subject: Zen master, student, and teacher in Japan, Germany


Employer: Technical University of Munich

Title: Research assistant

City: Munich

State: Bavaria

Country: Germany

Start Date: January 01, 1947

End Date: January 01, 1950

Notes: Worked in field of building history and archaeology.

Employer: U. S. State Department

Title: Worked on urban and regional planning for the rebuilding of postwar Germany.

City: Washington

State: District of Columbia

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 1950

Employer: Planning coimmission of Philadelphia

City: Philadelphia

State: Pennsylvania

Country: United States

Employer: Freelance architect

Title: Architect

End Date: January 01, 1963

Notes: Did work for the Bavaria Film company while publishing articles and books about architectural design


No collaborators on record


Institution: Frank Lloyd Wright Associates

State: Arizona

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 1952

End Date: January 01, 1954

Notes: Taliesin West


No awards on record


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

Title: "60 years of Living Architecture"

Description: took the exhibition on the work of Frank Lloyed Wright to Munich

City: Munich

Start Date: January 01, 1952


Title: Internationall 'Triennale" exhibition

Description: Coordinator of the German section of the exhibit

City: Milano

Country: Italy

Start Date: January 01, 1954


Institution: Universities in Berlin and Graz

Department: Architecture

End Date: January 01, 1945

Notes: Also studied engineering. Interst in sociological and psychological aspects of architecture

Institution: University of North Carolina

Degree: Graduate decree


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Professional Affiliations

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Publications By

Publications About

Title: A Girl is a Fellow Here.100 Women Architects in the Studio of Frank Lloyd Wright

Author: Beverly Willis

Publication: A 15-minute Documentary Film

Publisher: Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation

City: New York

State: New York

Country: United States

Date Published: June 15, 2009