Dr. Gray Greta Gray

General Information

Occupation: Associate professor of Home Economics

Date of Birth: September 30, 1880

Date of Death: January 18, 1961

Birth City: Covington

Resident City: Los Angeles

Notes: Bachelor\'s Degree in Architecture from MIT

Sources: Architecture and Women: A Bibliography, Lamia Doumato,1988. University of California: In Memoriam,April 1963,Women in American Architecture:A historic and contemporary perspective, Torre,1997G



Employer: High School

Title: teacher

Notes: Gray taught and supevised High school projects

Employer: University of Illnois

Title: Professor

Employer: Kansas State Teachers College

Title: Professor

City: Emporia

Employer: University of Wyoming

Title: Professor of Home Economics

City: Laramie

Employer: John Hopkins University

Title: Professor

City: Baltimore

Notes: summer session teaching

Employer: Washington State University

Title: Professor

City: Pullman

Notes: summer session teaching

Employer: University of California

Title: Professor

Notes: summer session teaching

Employer: Columbia University

Title: Professor

Notes: summer sessions teaching

Employer: University of Nebraska

Title: Professor

Employer: University of California at Los Angeles

Title: Associate professor

City: Los Angeles



No apprenticeships on record



Notable Projects


Institution: MIT

Department: Architecture

Degree: Bachelor of Science Degree

Institution: State Normal School in Cheney,Washington

Institution: Columbia University

Degree: Master of Arts Degree

Institution: Yale University

Degree: Doctor of Philosophy


Professional Affiliations

Organization: Committee on Hygiene of Housing

Organization: American Public Health Association

Organization: Committee on Eligibility for Omcron Nu

Publications By

Title: House and Home

Publisher: Lippincott

Country: delete

Publications About

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