Dr. Sylvie Fol

General Information

Occupation: Faculty member

Resident City: Paris

Sources: http://www.shrinkingcities.org/members-1


Subject: Transportation policies and mobility needs of low-income people

Notes: http://www.shrinkingcities.org/members-1


Employer: Paris 1 - Pantheon - Sorbonne University

Title: Assistant Professor of Urban Planning

City: Paris

Country: France

Notes: teaches Urban Policy and City Planning


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Notable Projects

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Institution: University of Portsmouth, England

Department: Architecture


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Professional Affiliations

Organization: SCiRN The Shrinking Cities International Research Network

Role: full member of research group at UC Berkeley’s Center for Global Metropolitan Studies (

Publications By

Title: Mobility of the Poor in Two European Metropolises: Car Dependence Versus Locality Dependence

Co-author: Olivier Coutard, Gabriel Dupuy

Publication: Built Environment. Journal

Volume: Built Environment Volume: 30 | Issue: 2 Transport, Inequalities and Poverty

Issue: Print ISSN: 0263-7960 | Electronic ISSN: 0263-7960

Page: p 138-45

Date Published: January 01, 2004

Url: http://www.atypon-link.com/ALEX/toc/benv/30/2?cookieSet=1

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