Emmanuele Cunningham-Sabot

General Information

Occupation: Faculty member

Birth Country: France

Resident Country: France

Sources: http://www.shrinkingcities.org/members-1


Subject: Urban Regeneration of old industrial cities


Employer: University of Rennes 2

Title: Associate Professor of Urban Planning

Country: France

Notes: Taught Globalisation and Urban Economics current 2009

Employer: University of Glasgow

Title: Research Fellow associate in the Georgraphy Dept.

Notes: awarded a research grant by the Royal Society of Edinburgh

Employer: Univerity of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Geography Dept.

Title: Research Fellow

Notes: Funded by “Training and Mobility of Researchers, Marie Curie Fellowship”


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Name: Training and Mobility of Researchers, Marie Curie Fellowship

Description: from the European Union

Name: "Young Researcher Project" award - Shrinking Cities

Description: awarded by the French Research National Agency (ANR)

Date Received: January 01, 2006

Notes: Collaboration with Sylvie Foi.


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Notable Projects

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Institution: Not given

Department: Urban planning

Degree: PhD

Notes: Compared urban regeneration of wo industrial regions, Glasgow reion with that of Saint-Etienne, France

Institution: University of Lyon

Department: Urban planning, Economis

Degree: M.S.C.

Notes: 2 degrees, one in Economics, the other in Urban Planning

Institution: University of Lyon

Department: Economics

Degree: M.S.C.


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Publications By

Title: Documentary about community involvement in urban shrinnkage/regeneration strategies of Glascow

Publication: Documentary

Notes: In progress 2009

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