Mary Means

General Information

Occupation: Strategic Planner

Resident City: Alexandria



Subject: Heritage Development; Historic Preservation; Community-based Strategic Planning


Employer: Mary Means + Associates, Inc.

Title: Founding Principle

City: Alexandria

State: Virginia

Country: United States

Start Date: 1990

Notes: "Building bridges between plans and people."

Employer: Goody Clancy

Title: Director of Comunity Initiatives

City: Boston

State: Massachusetts

Country: United States

Notes: With an office in Alexandria, Virginia, Mary provides Goody Clancy with a higher-profile presence in the Washington area.


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Notable Projects

Title: Rutland

Description: Vermont's Redevelopment Strategy

State: Vermont

Country: United States

Notes: A community-based strategic planning effort, which galvanized support for positive change in struggling downtowns, older neighborhoods, and fast-growing communities.


Institution: Michigan State University

Department: Humanities

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Institution: University of Delaware

Department: History

Degree: Master of Arts

Institution: Harvard University

Department: Graduate School of Design

Degree: Loeb Fellow


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Professional Affiliations

Organization: National Trust for Historic Preservation

Role: Vice President

Notes: Created the national main Street program as an integrated aproach to small town revitalization.

Organization: National Coalition for Heritage Areas

Role: Foundin Chairman

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