Ms. Rebecca Barnes

General Information

Occupation: Urban Designer

Resident City: Boston




Employer: Providence Mayor's Office

Title: Architect and Planner

City: Providence

Country: United States

Start Date: May 1977

End Date: February 1979

Employer: Roitman's Fine Furniture

Title: Assistant to Interior Design

Country: United States

Start Date: September 1971

End Date: August 1972

Employer: The Conservation Company

Title: Graduate Architect

Country: United States

Start Date: February 1979

End Date: September 1979

Notes: Staff designer planner on team focused on revitalization of historic downtown Providence.

Employer: Jones & Jones

Title: Graduate Architect

Country: United States

Start Date: May 1979

End Date: October 1979

Notes: Architectural team member on multi-disciplinary design teams for zoo exhibits at Tacoma and Seattle zoos.

Employer: TRA Architects and Engineers

Title: Architect and Planner

Country: United States

Start Date: February 1981

End Date: April 1984

Notes: Design team member for energy conservation project at Fort Lewis, hotel in downtown Tacoma, Washington State Convention Center in downtown Seattle, and various airport expansion and modernization plans.

Employer: Seattle Dept. of Community Development

Title: Sr. Urban Designer

City: Seattle

State: Washington

Country: United States

Start Date: April 1984

End Date: January 1988

Notes: Involved in urban design policy development and project planning for new Washington State Convention Center.

Employer: Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Title: Manager for Architecturae & urban Design

City: Boston

Country: United States

Start Date: November 1988

End Date: October 1991

Notes: Managed design of highway architecture and urban design aspects of the largest US public works project, Bostons Big Dig, during environmental planning and preliminary design phases.

Employer: Seattle Department of Planning

Title: Director of Planning

City: Seattle

Country: United States

Start Date: October 1991

End Date: March 1995

Notes: Led 30-person professional planning staff in concept, development, implementation of Seattle\'s first comprehensive plan since 1965.

Employer: City of Boston

Title: Chief planner

State: Massachusetts

Country: United States

Start Date: 2001

End Date: 2005

Employer: Brown University

Title: Director of Strategic Growth

City: Providence

State: Rhode Island

Country: United States

Start Date: June 01, 2004


Country: delete


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Mayor's Citatioin of Service

Description: Providence, Rhode Island

Date Received: 2009

Name: Award of Honor

Description: Boston Society of Architects

Date Received: 2006

Name: Award of Excellence

Description: Women in Design

Date Received: 2002

Name: Fellow of American

Description: Institute of Architects

Date Received: 2000

Name: Loeb Fellowship in Advanced Enviromental Studies

Date Received: 1988

Name: NIAUSI Fellowship

Description: Rome

Date Received: 1985


Country: delete

Notable Projects

Country: delete


Institution: Brown University

Department: American Civilzation - Urban Studies

Start Date: 1967

End Date: 1971

Institution: Boston Architectural College

Department: Architecture

Start Date: 1972

End Date: 1974

Institution: University of Oregon

Department: Archiecture

Degree: M. Arch.

Start Date: 1974

End Date: 1976

Institution: Harvard University

Department: Graduate School of Design

Degree: Loeb Fellowship, Urban Design and Public Policy

Start Date: 1987

End Date: 1988


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

Organization: International Urban Planning & Regional Planning Group

Organization: Boston Society of Architects/ AIA

Role: Secretary and President

Organization: Green Cities

Notes: Smart Growth and Sustainability for th Dense Urban context.

Organization: Urban Land Institute (ULI)

Organization: Nexus Green Building Resource Center

Organization: Women in Design Network

Role: Founder

Organization: American Institute of Architects

Role: Fellow

Publications By

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Publications About

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