Lucille Council

General Information

Occupation: Landscape Architect

Date of Birth: January 01, 1898

Date of Death: January 01, 1964

Resident City: Los Angeles

Resident State/Province: California

Resident Country: United States

Sources: Birnbaum, Charles A., and Robin Karson, eds. Pioneers of American Landscape Design : An Annotated Bibliography. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2000.


Subject: Gardens and film sets in California

Description: caputuring the American dream in /southern California



Employer: Partnership with Florence Yoch

City: Los Angles

State: California

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 1920

End Date: January 10, 1965

Notes: Designed and executed more that 250 gardens and film sets


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Notable Projects

Title: The Athenaeum

Description: A private membership club on the campus of the California Institute of Technology.

City: Pasadena

State: California

Country: United States


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Professional Affiliations

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Publications By

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Publications About

Title: Landscaping the American Dream: The Gardens and Film Sets of Florence Yoch: 1890-1972

Author: James J. Yoch

Date Published: January 01, 1989

Notes: Includes the collaborative work of Yoch and landscape architect Lucille Council.

Title: Women in Landscape Architecture Blog of Jan. 20, 2007

Author: David Tulloch

Publication: Places and Spaces Internet Blog

Volume: Blog Archive 2008 - 2006

Publisher: Author

City: Rutgers University

State: New Jersey

Country: United States

Date Published: January 20, 2007


Notes: ongoing blog