Judith Davidson Chafee

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: August 18, 1932

Date of Death: November 05, 1998

Birth City: Chicago

Birth State/Province: Illinois

Birth Country: United States

Resident City: Hamden

Resident State/Province: Connecticut

Resident Country: United States

Notes: Also known as Judith Davidson Bloom

Sources: Regan, Margaret. "Master Builder: Architect Judith Chafee Melded Sleek Modern Design to the Sonoran Desert." Tucson Weekly 3 Feb. 2000. Tucson Weekly : Currents : Master Builder. 31 July 2008 http://www.tucsonweekly.com/gbase/currents/content?oid=oid%3a42143


Subject: Residential Architecture


Employer: Paul Rudolph

Title: Architect

City: New England

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 1961

End Date: January 01, 1962

Employer: The Architects Collaborative

Title: Architect

City: New England

Start Date: January 01, 1962

End Date: January 01, 1962

Employer: Eero Saarinen

Title: Architect

City: New York City

State: New York

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 1963

End Date: January 01, 1965

Employer: Edward Larrabee Barnes

Title: Architect

City: New England

Start Date: January 01, 1965

End Date: January 01, 1969

Employer: Self employed

Title: Architect

City: Hamden

State: Connecticut

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 1960

End Date: January 01, 1998


No collaborators on record


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Yale University Fellowship Award for Hospital Design

Date Received: January 01, 1959


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

No projects on record


Institution: Bennington College

Start Date: January 01, 1954

Institution: Yale University

Department: Architecture

Degree: bachelor and masters degree

End Date: January 01, 1960


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

Organization: American Institute of Architects

Role: member

Start Date: January 01, 1967

End Date: January 01, 1997

Publications By

No publications by on record

Publications About

Title: Becoming the Self: Judith Chafee and the Ramada House

Author: Gabrielle Rachel Harlan

Publication: Thesis

Publisher: University of Virginia

City: Charlottesville

State: Virginia

Country: United States

Title: A Guide to Tucson Architecture.

Author: Nequete, Anne M. and Jeffery R. Brooks

Publication: book

Publisher: University of Arizona Press

State: Arizona

Country: United States

Date Published: January 02, 2002

Title: Master Builder: Architect Judity Chafee Melded ....

Author: Margaret Regan

Publication: Tucson Weekly

Date Published: February 03, 2000

Url: http://www.tucsonweekly.com/gbase/currents/Content?oid=oid:42143