Stanislawa (Siasia) Nowicki

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: April 29, 1912

Birth City: Warsaw

Birth Country: Poland

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Employer: University of North Carolina at Raleigh

Title: First year architecture studio professor

City: Raleigh

Notes: Nowicki's husband Matthew was appointed the Chair of the Architecture Department at the University.

Employer: University of Pennsylvania

Title: Frist year architecture studio professor

Notes: Nowicki was named a Distinguished Professor by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

Employer: University of Southern California

Title: Professor of Basic Design

Notes: Nowicki helped the Dean of the School of Architecture work on the new curriculum, however she did not like Los Angeles and went back to the University of Pennsylvania.


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Name: French Government Scholarship

Description: The scholarship allowed Siasia to work on the design for the Normandie cinema on the Champs Elysee


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Notable Projects

Title: Polish Pavillion at the 1937 International Exhibition

Description: Nowicki worked in PAris with her professor on the supervision of the construction of the Pavillion. The Polish setion submitted graphics by Nowicki's graphics, which won the Gold Medal

City: Paris

Title: Pavillon des Temps Nouveaux at Expo '37

Description: Worked on the photomontage for the Pavillon with Le Corbousier and on a model of a stadium.

Title: Coliseum in Raleigh, "Cow Palace"

Description: Nowicki worked with her husban on the design. Nowicki also worked on the fabric to be used for the curtains which was admired by Oscar Niemeyer

City: Raleigh


Institution: Warsaw Polytechnic

Notes: While a student, Nowicki, in collaboration with other students won competitions for the capital building of a Polish province, a spa in Eastern Poland, and a sport and recreation center in Warsaw.


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Professional Affiliations

Organization: Fellow at the American Institute of Architects

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