Leonora Ison

General Information

Occupation: Architectural Illustrator

Date of Birth: July 04, 1904

Birth City: Wendover

Notes: Although Ison did not build, she was the first women to win scholarships at the Bartlett School of Architecture, and was a successful illustrator of Architecture books

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Employer: Office of Frank Verity

Notes: Veirty was a theatre architect and while Ison was employed the office worked on cinemas for Paramount.


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Name: Batsford Prize

Description: Prize was awarded to Ison in her first year at the Bartlett

Name: Lever Prize

Description: Ison was awarded the lever Prize in her second year at the Bartlett

Name: Owen Jones Travelling Studentship

Description: Ison was the first woman to be awarded the Studentship.


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Notable Projects

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Institution: The Bartlett School of Architecture, London University

Department: Architecture


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Publications By

Title: The Georgian Buildings of Bath

Co-author: Walter Ison was the Author and Leonora illustrated the book

Country: England (U.K.)

Notes: A companion book, "The Georgian Buildings of Bristol" was published in 1952.

Title: Men and Buildings

Co-author: John Betjeman wrote the series of essays , and Ison illustrated them

Publication: The Daily Telegraph

Notes: The illustration originals were very popular and sought after pieces. Ison was later commissioned to illustrate Betleman Country, by Frank Delaney (1983).

Title: English Architecture Through the Ages

Co-author: Wlater Ison wrote the book and Leonora did the illustrations

Title: English Church Architecture

Co-author: Walter Ison was the Author and Leonora illustrated the book

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