Carmen Espegal Alonso

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Professor

Date of Birth: March 27, 1960

Birth City: Palencia

Birth Country: Spain

Resident City: Madrid

Resident Country: Spain

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Employer: Higher Technical School of Architecture of Madrid

Title: Associate Professor of Projects

City: Madrid

Country: Spain

Start Date: January 01, 1991

Notes: Espegal Alonso taught first second and third levels and was a tutor for end of career projects

Employer: School of Interior Architecture of Madrid

Title: Professor of Senior Year Project

City: Madrid

Country: Spain

Employer: VZK Architects

Title: Principal

City: Madrid

Country: Spain

Notes: Competitions that VZK Architects have entered include: Auditorium, Leon, 1995, finalist; Internationalet Stadt, Ideenwettbewerg Spreeinsel, Berlin, Germany, 1994; Second Prize in the Gaudarrama Madrid Cultural Center Competition, Novemer 1993; EUROPAN-3 Housing Competition, Den Bosch, The Netherlands, November 1993; Algete Town Hall Competition, Madrid, November 1992.


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Name: Honorary Mention, International Competition FORUM IFYA,

Description: Washington D.C.

Name: Thyssen Architecture Competition: Atocha Railway Station

Description: Competition was held in Madrid Spain

Name: Third Prize, Arrangment of the Left Bank of the Tormes River in Salamanca

Name: First Prize, Ephermal Architectures, Center of European Capitals

Description: Competition was held in Madrid, Spain

Name: 2005 Milka Bliznakov Award

Description: for her book Heroines of Space

Date Received: January 01, 2005


Title: Towards a non romantic architecture. VZK Architects

Description: Conference and Exhibition in the Official Collegeo of Architects

City: Barcelona

Country: Spain

Start Date: April 20, 1995

Title: Carmen Epsegal-Gines Garrido, VZK Architects

Description: Conference ad Exhibition in the Institute for Advanced Architectural Studies, EAAL Ecole d'Architecture Atheneum

City: Lausanne

Country: Spain

Start Date: March 02, 1995

End Date: March 16, 1995

Notable Projects

Title: European Synchrotron Radiation Facility

Description: Espegal Alonso acted as the Technical Leader for the project

City: Grenoble

Country: Spain

Title: Two-Single Family Dwellings

Description: The homes are found in the Historic Center of Palencia

City: Palencia

Country: Spain

Title: Commercial Building

Description: Located on Calle Mayor

City: Palencia

Country: Spain

Title: Restoration of Cobos de Fuentiduena Church

City: Segovia

Country: Spain

Title: Restoration of Cristo de la Moralejilla Hermitage

City: Segovia

Country: Spain

Title: Restoration of San Nicolas Tower

City: Segovia

Country: Spain

Title: Isla Canela Partial Plan

Description: Urban Planning project

City: Huelva

Country: Spain

Title: Project for Arrangement of the River Banks of Tudela de Duero

Description: Urban Planning Project

City: Valladolid

Country: Spain

Title: Program for Integrated Development of Bay of Almeria

Country: Spain


Institution: The School of Architecture of Madrid (ETSAM)

Department: Architecture

Degree: Architecture, with Honors

End Date: July 15, 1985

Institution: Higher Techinical School of Architecture, Madrid

Department: Architecture

Degree: Doctoral Thesis in progress: "Gray-Badovici's Project E. 1027: Drama of the Modern Villa in the Mediterranean"

Institution: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Degree: Master Degree in Conservation of Historic Towns and Buildings

Notes: Espegal Alonso graduated with Magna Cum Laude and was on a study grant from the European Community


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Professional Affiliations

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Publications By

Title: Las cuidads invivibles (The inhabitable towns)

Publication: Planos n 1

Page: pp 1-2

Date Published: December 01, 1992

Title: Decretar la Beleza (To Decree Beauty)

Publication: Faro de Vigo, Seciotn Opinion/Letters

Page: p. 1

Date Published: May 30, 1992

Notes: Signed with the pseudonym Isabel Vidal

Title: Arcades to motivate arcades

Publication: Arquitectura

Issue: 291

Page: p. 5-7

Date Published: March 30, 1992

Notes: Article appeared in the Opinon/Letters section and was signed with the pseudonym Isabel Vidal and Antonio Miranda

Title: The Belgian Case

Publication: Proun P.F.C. International

Issue: Number 5-6

Page: pp. 52-57

Date Published: February 01, 1991

Title: La Villa de Plinio (Plinio's Villa)

Publication: El Croquis

Issue: Number 24

Page: pp. 123-125

Title: Premios COAM 1971-1993 (COAM Awards 1971-1993)

Publication: Fundacion Cultural COAM

Page: pp. 190-191

City: Madrid

Notes: Espegal Alonso was the editor of the work

Title: PFC Arquitectura Interior

Publication: Arquitectura Interior

Issue: Number 8

Page: p. 16-18

Publications About

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