Martha Kohen

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Urban Planner, Professor

Birth Country: Uruguay

Resident State/Province: Florida

Resident Country: United States

Sources: "Professor Martha Kohen." University of Florida School of Architecture. 12 June 2008.



Employer: University of Florida School of Architecture

Title: Professor, Director

State: Florida

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 2003

Employer: Kohn-Otero Arquitectural Studio

Title: Founder, Architect

City: Montevideo

Country: Uruguay

Start Date: January 01, 1989

Employer: Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay

Title: Director of the Acadmic Cooperation Unit

Country: Uruguay

Start Date: January 01, 1998

End Date: January 01, 2003

Employer: Research and Transfer Center, School of Architecturae Universitario of Punta del Este

Title: Director of CENIT (Centro de Investigación y Transferencia)

Start Date: January 01, 2002



No apprenticeships on record


Name: First Prize, the Barao de Rio Branco Square in the center of Rio de Janeiro

Date Received: January 01, 1995

Name: First Prize, Memorial of the Disappeared Detained Citizens, City of Montevideo

Date Received: January 01, 1996

Name: First Prize, Headquarters of URAGUA

Date Received: January 01, 2000

Name: First Prize, Landscape Architecture, Quito International Bienal

Date Received: January 01, 2002


Notable Projects


Institution: Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay

Department: School of Architecture

Institution: Cambridge University, United Kingdom

Degree: postgraduate diploma


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

Organization: the Society for International Development, Uruguayan Chapter

Role: Member

Organization: Uruguayan Architectural Association

Role: Member of the College of Consultants

Organization: International Council of Urban Planners

Role: National Member (1995-2000), Deputy Board Member (1994)

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