Phyllis Lambert

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Birth Country: delete

Resident Country: Canada

Sources: Article


Subject: Conservation and restoration of projects in Canada


Employer: Canadian Center for Architecture

Title: Founder and Director

Country: Canada

Notes: Center is an independent museum archive and study center devoted ot the architecture of past and present

Employer: Concordia University

Title: Instructor of Urban History


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Name: Massey Medal for Architecture, Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Description: Award given for the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal

Name: National Honor Award, American Institute of Architects

Description: Award given for Lambert's design and development of the Biltmore Hotel renovation in Los Angeles

Name: AIA Honor Award

Description: Lambert recieved the award for her role as both client and consulting architect for her role in the Canadian Center for Achitecture

Name: Fellow at the Institute of Fine Arts, Princeton

Name: Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities, Edinburgh

Name: Hadrian Award of the World Monument Fund

Description: Awarded to Lambert in recognition of her achievements in making architecture and especially the social dimensionof urban conservation a matter of public concern

Name: Medaille de merite of the Ordre des architectec du Quebec

Name: The Gold Medal of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

Name: The Lescarbot Award from the Government of Canada

Description: Given to LAmbert fro her outstanding contributions to the Nation's cultural life

Name: Prix Gerard-Morisset of the Government of Quebec

Description: For museology and architectural conservation

Name: Vincent J. Scully Prize

Description: given by National Building Museum

Date Received: January 19, 2006


Title: "Mies in America"

Description: Lambert is co-curating the traveling exhibition

City: Travelling

Country: delete

Notes: The exhibit will first be shown in New York City at the Whitney Museum and then the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, and in Montreal in the summer of 2001 at the CCA

Title: "Perspectives: the Architectural Heritage of Montreal"

Description: Lambert organized the exhibit

Country: delete

Title: "The Seagram's Plaza--Its Design and Use"

Description: Lambert was the organizer of the exhibit

Country: delete

Title: "Photography and Architecture: 1839-1939"

Description: Lambert was the organizer for the exhibit

Country: delete

Title: "The Villas of Pliny and Classical Architecture in Montreal

Description: Lambert was the organizer for the exhibit

Country: delete

Notable Projects

Title: Seagram's Building

Description: Lambert was Director of Planning for the building

City: New York

Country: Canada

Notes: Project led Lambert to undertake professional training under Mies van der Rohe

Title: Saidye Bronfman Centre, YM-YWHA

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Notes: Project won the Massey Medal for Architecture, Royal Achitectural Institute of Canada, 1970

Title: Biltmore Hotel Renovation

Description: Design and development

City: Los Angeles

Country: Canada

Notes: Project won the National Honor Award from the AIA in 1978

Title: Renovation of the Jane Tate House

Description: Renovation

City: Montreal

Country: Canada

Title: Ben Ezra Synagogue

Description: Lambert was responsible for the renovation including the the archeological and historical research

City: Cairo

Country: Canada

Title: Canadian Centre for Architecture/Centre Canadien d'Architecture

Description: Lambert was the consultung architect to Peter Rose on the Project

Country: Canada

Notes: Lambert recieved the AIA Honor Award as client and consulting architect and the AIA Institute Honor Award


Institution: Vassar College

Degree: Bachelor's degree

Institution: Illinois Institute of Technology

Department: Architiecture

Degree: Master Architecture

Institution: Yale University

Department: Architecture


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Professional Affiliations

Organization: International Confederation of Architectural Museums

Role: Founding Member and President

Organization: Heritage Montreal

Role: President and Founding Member

Organization: Societe du patrimoine urbain de Montreal (SPUM)

Role: President

Notes: Organization has established the largest non-profit cooperative housing renovation project in Canada.

Organization: Fonds d'investisement de Montreal (FIM)

Role: Founder

Notes: FIM is a private fund that aims to renovate 50,000 dwelling units in the city within the next 10 years

Organization: Order of Canada

Role: Officer

Organization: Ordre national du Quebec

Role: Chevalier

Organization: Ordre de la Pleiada

Role: Chevalier

Organization: Ordre des Arts et des Letters, France

Role: Officer

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