Svetlana Keremidarska

General Information

Occupation: Landscape Architect

Date of Birth: April 01, 1950

Birth City: Kemerovo

Birth Country: Russia

Resident City: Sofia

Resident Country: Bulgaria

Sources: Curriculum Vitae


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Employer: KNIPI Softproject

Title: Landscape Architect

Country: delete

Start Date: May 01, 1980

Notes: Keremidarska took part in a creative atelier guided by Mr. Atanas Agura and Mrs. Valentina Atanasova in a group of landscape archtiects


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Name: Exhibition Center in Kuveit

Description: Competition entry

Name: Bulgarian Mission on Lagos Nigeria

Description: Competition entry

Name: Civilian Park Assenovgrad

Description: Competition entry

Name: Ecological Shield along the Birjuzov Blvd

Description: Competition entry

Date Received: January 30, 1991

Name: Boris Park in Sofia

Description: Competition entry

Name: International Architecture Bienale in Madrid

Description: Competition entry

Notes: Keremidarska worked with the group that she worked with on the Palace of Culture

Name: Design project for the Japanese hotel in Haskovo

Description: Competition entry

Notes: Keremidarska worked with a group of Japanese architect, Kisho Kurokava

Name: Swimming pool and balling hall in the Governmental Residence in Evksinigrad

Description: Competition entry

Name: Presidential Residency in Nicosia, Cyprus

Description: Competition entry


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Notable Projects

Title: Designing and Organization of Minskprojekt

Description: Project was in the capital of Belarussia

Country: delete

Notes: Project took place following Keremidarska's graduation

Title: Belorussian Ethnographic museum

Description: Open sky museum on an large, 300 hectares island.

Country: delete

Start Date: September 01, 1974

End Date: March 01, 1975

Title: Governmental Balneotrapy Sanitorium

Description: completed whil Keremidarska was with KIPG Glavpoject

City: Hisara

Country: delete

Start Date: October 01, 1975

Notes: Project was awarded with a Silver Medal in June 1982

Title: National Palace of Culture

Description: Development and realization of the project

Country: delete

Start Date: May 30, 1980

Notes: The project was awarded a medal and won a prize in 1982


Institution: Gymnasium in Krivoj Rog

Notes: School was located in Russia

Institution: Institute of Building and Engineering in Brest (BISI)

Department: Landscape Architecture

Notes: Thesis was entitled Civil Park and ordering of a memorial complex, the Fortress of Brest, and Interior of the Museum Capital Gavrilov


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