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Ann Beha

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Principal

Birth Country: United States

Resident City: Boston

Resident State/Province: Massachusetts

Resident Country: United States

Sources: http://www.annbeha.com


No specialties on record


Employer: Ann Beha Architects

Title: Architect, Founder & President

Start Date: January 01, 1980


Country: delete


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Lifetime Achievement Award

Description: The Victorian Society in America

Notes: http://www.architecture.neu.edu/research/scholarly/UDconference/bios.html

Name: Preservation Award

Description: Massachusetts Historical Commission

Date Received: January 01, 1996

Notes: http://www.architecture.neu.edu/research/scholarly/UDconference/bios.html

Name: Loeb Fellow

Description: awarded by the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University


Country: delete

Notable Projects

Title: Portland Art Museum

Description: Historic Restoration & Contemporary Design

City: Portland

State: Oregon

Country: United States

End Date: January 01, 2005

Url: http://www.archnewsnow.com/features/Feature198.htm


Institution: Wellesley College

End Date: January 01, 1972

Notes: http://www.wellesley.edu/Alum/Awards/AAA/winners/beha.html

Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Degree: Master of Architecture


Professional Affiliations

Organization: American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Role: Fellow, National Representative of the New England Fellows of the American Institute of Architects

Publications By

No publications by on record

Publications About

Title: The Daniel Arts Center

Author: Sam Lubell

Publication: Architectural Record

Date Published: January 10, 2006

Url: http://archrecord.construction.com/projects/portfolio/archives/0601simonsRockBard.asp

Title: Ann Beha Architects creates a dynamic campus symbol while respecting tradition and creativity at the Daniel Art Center of Simon's Rock College of Bard

Author: Sam Lubell

Publication: Architectural Record

Volume: 194

Issue: 1

Page: 116-121

Date Published: January 01, 2006

Notes: Jan 2006.

Title: Expansion in Portland [Oregon]

Author: Allison Eckhardt Ledes

Publication: Magazine Antiques

Volume: 168

Issue: 4

Page: 20,22,[24]

Date Published: January 01, 2005

Notes: Oct. 2005

Title: Portland Reconsidered

Author: H. Richmond

Publication: Contract

Volume: 48

Issue: 8

Page: 70-75

City: San Francisco

Date Published: January 01, 2006

Notes: Aug 2006