Virginia Maria Andreescu Haret

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: January 01, 1894

Date of Death: January 01, 1962

Birth Country: Romania

Resident Country: Romania

Notes: Collection consists of the transcript of a speech given in French by Patrulius about the work of early women architects in Romania, and photographic negatives of images of the work of Romanian architects Henriette Delavrancea-Gibory (1894-1987), Virginia Haret (1894-1962), and Maria Cotescu (1896- )

Archive/Repository: IAWA, Special Collections Newman Library, Ms98-029

Sources: Feuerstein, Marcia, and Milka Bliznakov. "New Acquisitions: Women Architects in Romania." IAWA Newsletter 12 (2000): 1-4.



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Institution: School of Architecture in Bucharest

End Date: January 01, 1919

Notes: first woman to graduate from this program


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