Elise Johnson-Schmidt

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Principal

Resident City: Corning

Resident State/Province: New York

Resident Country: United States

Sources: http://www.preservationarchitects.com/whoweare/elise.asp


Subject: Historic Preservation


Employer: Johnson-Schmidt Associates

Title: Owner, Principal Architect

City: Corning

State: New York

Country: United States

Notes: http://www.preservationarchitects.com/whoweare/elise.asp

Employer: Market Street Restoration Agency

City: Corning

State: New York

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 1990

End Date: January 01, 2001

Employer: Chautaugua Institute

Title: Consultant and Design Reviewer

City: Chautauqua

State: New York

Country: United States

Start Date: January 01, 2001


Country: delete


No apprenticeships on record


Name: New York State Senate 2007 Woman of Distinction

Date Received: January 01, 2007

Notes: http://www.preservationarchitects.com/whoweare/REVISEDJohnson-Schmidt.pdf


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

No projects on record


Institution: Cornell University College of Architecture, Art and Planning

Department: Historical Preservation Planning


License: Registered Architect

Organization: New York

License: Registered Architect

Organization: Pennsylvania

Professional Affiliations

Organization: New York State Board for Historic Preservation

Role: Board of Directors

Organization: American Institute of Architects (AIA)

Role: Member

Organization: New York Main Street Alliance

Role: Founding Board Member

Publications By

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Publications About

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