Maija Kaarina Kairamo

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: June 03, 1935

Birth City: Oulu

Birth Country: Finland

Resident City: Helsinki

Resident Country: Finland

Sources: Curriculum Vitae


Subject: Restoration planning and design

Description: Medieval stone churches and historical buildings from 1963-70

Notes: Louhisaari Mansion (1963-70), Pyhajoki Church (1967-68), Nousianen Church (1967-68), Tornio Church (1972-77), Pielpajarvi Church (1976-78)

Subject: Restoration

Description: Supervisor of restoration for several office buildings from 1977-1998

Notes: Projects included: Turku Dome (1977-79), Turku Naval Museum (1978-85), Palace of the State Council (1982-85), Paimio Sanatorium (1993-98), Helsinki Olympic Stadium refurbishment project (1991-94)

Subject: Manager of several restoration projects

Notes: From 1990-98

Subject: Member of Viipuri Library restoration team

Notes: From 1998-


Employer: National Board of Antiquities

Title: Conservation Architect

Country: delete

Employer: Ministry of Education

Title: Office Engineer

Country: delete

Start Date: March 01, 1981

End Date: May 31, 1982

Employer: Private Practice with Erkki Kairamo

Title: Architect

Country: delete

Employer: Helsinki University of Technology

Title: Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture

City: Helsinki

Country: delete

Notes: Lecturer also in several universities abroad

Employer: The Finnish Committee for Restoration of Viipuri Library

Title: Member of the Board1996-, Secretary 1998-

Country: delete


No collaborators on record


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Scholarship recieved from Helsinki University of Technology

Name: Government Grant

Name: First Prize for the Architectural Competition for Suomenlinna Fortress

Description: Divided First Prize

Name: Knight of the Order fo the White Rose of Finland


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Notable Projects

No projects on record


Institution: English Course for Foreign Students

Notes: Located in Cambridge

Institution: High School for Girls, Kemi

Institution: Helsinki University of Technology

Department: Architecture

Degree: Master of Architecture

Institution: Salzburg Seminar of American Studies, Problems of Cities

Institution: Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts

Department: Course on Restoration of Historical Monuments

Institution: Helsinki University of Technology

Department: Course on Construction Management


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

Organization: SAFA, The Finnish Association of Architects

Organization: ICOMOS

Organization: The Finnish UNESCO Committee

Role: Member

Start Date: February 03, 1971

End Date: February 03, 1973

Organization: National Council for Architecture

Role: Vice Chairperson

Organization: DOCOMOMO

Role: Finnish Working Party Chair

Notes: Also a member of DOCOMOMO since 1990

Publications By

Title: unknown

Notes: Articles in several publications about restoration, conservation and rehabilitation of Architectural Heritage

Publications About

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