Jana (Zhana) Pencheva-Vulchanova

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: June 19, 1947

Birth City: Sliven

Birth Country: Hungary

Resident City: Sophia

Resident Country: Bulgaria

Archive/Repository: IAWA Online Inventory at: http://spec.lib.vt.edu/iawa/inventories/Pencheval.html


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Employer: Sofia's Administration or Roads

City: Putproekt

Country: Bulgaria

End Date: February 03, 1973

Notes: During this time she designed a technical school for construction workers in the town of Mikhailovgrad

Employer: Department for Sofia's Master Plan

Title: Head of Studio in Department for Highways

City: Sofproekt

Country: Bulgaria


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Name: Union of Architects Award for Creativity

Name: Golden Order of Labor

Notes: Award was given to recognize Pencheva-Vulchanova's contribution to urban design


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Notable Projects

Title: National Palace of Culture

Description: Pencheve-Vulchanova has been involved with the planning and design of the neighborhood around the Palace, specifically shops on the bordering streets, pedestrian passageways with commercial facilities and underground transportation facilities.

Title: Underground Commercial Center

Description: Center built below two major boulevards, Bulgaria and Fritjof Nansen

City: South of the Palace if Culture

Title: Underground Shopping center

Description: Underground shoppig center at the beginning of a new tramway connecting the city center with several large housing neghborhoods on the periphery

Notes: Project would have covered 120,000 sq. ft. however it was stopped in 1985 for lack of funds


Institution: Sofia Polytechnic

Department: Architecture


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