Nasrine Faghih

General Information

Occupation: Architect

Date of Birth: July 04, 1944

Birth City: Tehran

Birth Country: Iran

Resident City: Paris

Resident State/Province: Ile-de-France

Resident Country: France

Archive/Repository: IAWA Special Collections, Newman Library, Ms96-023 (Ute Westrom Collection)



Subject: Historic Preservation; Architectural Design; Urban Design; Bio-Climatic Construction; Rehabilitation Heritage Management


Employer: Sardar Afkhami and Associates

City: Tehran

Notes: Residential Complex in Elahieh Shemiran, Bab Homayuun Renewal Auditoria for Arya Mehr University

Title: Project Manager

Notes: The Isfahan Detailed City Plan for Organic Consultant

Employer: Yale School of Art and Architecture

Title: Lecturer

Notes: History of Modern Architecture after 1945

Employer: Columbia University, School of Architecture

Title: Lecture

Notes: Anthropology of Building

Employer: Columbia University

Title: Member Center for Advanced Research

Title: Project Manager

Notes: Study and Evaluation of Iran City Planning Experience

Employer: Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture

Title: Visiting Professor

City: Paris

State: Ile-de-France

Country: France

Start Date: 1982

End Date: 1990

Employer: University of Minneapolis

Title: Visiting Professor

City: Minneapolis

State: Minnesota

Country: United States

Start Date: 1988

End Date: 1989

Employer: Tehran Museum of Contemporar Art

Title: Crator of Architecture

City: Tehran

Country: Iran

Start Date: May 1977

End Date: 1980



No apprenticeships on record


No awards on record


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

Title: Benetton

City: Tehran

Country: Iran

Notes: With Amin Sadeghi and Mehran Gharleghi

Title: Shabdiz Tourist Complex

Description: Located on the legendary Silk Road. Project contains a hotel, motel, reception halls and commercial space. Design integrates desert ennviornmental architecture with contemporary ideas.

City: Semnan

Country: Iran

Notes: Under Construction.

Title: Residential Complex

Description: Five villas converge into a Club House with indoor swimming pool, sport facilities, reception areas, in a 15 hectares landscape.

City: Salahedin Kola/Caspian Shore

Country: Iran

End Date: 2007

Title: Picasso House

Description: Museum and Residence Competition Winner

City: Vaucluse

Country: France

End Date: 1986

Notes: Published in: Interiors of Privence, Taschen (1999) and Pools, Knopf, N.Y. (1994)

Title: Center for Biological Research maisons

Description: Alfort University

Country: France

Title: French Embassy

Description: Conversion of a 19th century patrician mansion into the current French Embassy.

City: Baku

Country: Azerbaijan

End Date: 2003

Notes: A transparent internal envelope that reorients the building towards an inner courtyard was used to create a sense of intimacy in a building fronting two busy streets.


Institution: Istituto Universitario di Architettura

Degree: Doctorate in Architecture

End Date: 1969

Notes: Venice, Italy

Degree: Certificate In Amenagement de Territoire, E.H.P. Paris

Institution: Yale University

Department: School of Architecture

Degree: Masters of Environmental Design

End Date: 1973


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

Organization: NGO Boostan International Solidarity

Role: President

Organization: Aga Khan Award for Architecture

Role: Founding Member

Organization: Institut des Conseillers en Environnement pour le Batiment (ICEB)

Role: Active Member


Organization: European Community

Role: Individual Expert


Publications By

Title: Venturi et L'espace Publicitaire

Publication: Architecture, Mouvement, Continuite

Title: Sign and Structure in Charles Moore Architecture

Publication: Progressive Architecture

Title: Isfahan, The Pedestrian City

Publication: Public lecture and Brochure

Notes: for the Exhibition More Streets for People, New York

Title: Siraf, Structure of the Early Medieval Islamic City

Publication: Honar-Va-Mardom

Title: Rehabilitation in Dardasht

Publication: Architectural Review

Title: Isfahan, A Medieval Iranian City Planning

Publication: XIVth Volume of Survey of Persian Art

Title: The Casbah of Algiers: An Urgent Problem of Conservation

Date Published: 1980

Title: Rehabilitation in Dardasht

Publication: Isfahan

Volume: 159

Issue: 951

Page: 315 - 319

Publisher: The Architectural Press Ltd.

Country: England (U.K.)

Date Published: 1976

Notes: This article focuses on the rehabilitation efforts in Dardasht, the old quarter north of the bazaar area and west of the Friday Mosque, where traditional courtyard houses are being abandoned for modern homes in the suburbs.

Title: Architects Abroad

Co-author: Ahmet Gulgonen

Publication: MIMAR 41: Architecture in Development

Publisher: Concept Media

City: London

Country: England (U.K.)

Date Published: 1991

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