Liesbeth Van der Pol

General Information

Occupation: Architect



Employer: Various Firms

City: Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands

Notes: including, S. de Swaan, H. Hertzberger and W. Vermeer

Employer: Various Firms

Title: architect

Notes: including, Innes Webster in Mexico city and Mario Corea in Barcelona

Employer: Spatial Planning Dept.

Title: trainee placement

City: Amsterdam

Employer: Maastricht Urban Development Dept.

Title: architect

City: Maastricht

Country: Netherlands

Notes: worked in collaboration with Rein Geurtsen

Employer: Liesbeth van der Pol

Title: Architect

City: Amsterdam

Start Date: February 03, 1989

Notes: Established as independent architect in combination with the architects Herman Zeinstra and Onno van den Berg

Employer: Jury Member, 'The glass house' Amersfoort

Employer: Jury member, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Employer: Jury Member, 'the appearance of the Netherlands'

Notes: EO Wijers Foundation, Building Fund

Employer: Jury Member, "Bouwwereld award'

City: Utrecht

Notes: International Building Trade Fair

Employer: Jury Member, Masterplan Vijfhuizen-Cruquius-Vrijschot Triangle

Notes: Haarlemmermeer Local Authority

Employer: Jury Member, 'Adventurous housing Stadshagen Zwolle'

Notes: Competition for proposals by architects from Zwolle

Employer: Jury Member, Friesland Provincal Architecture Award

Employer: Jury Member, A.J. Van Eck Award

City: Amsterdam

Employer: Jury Member, Redesign of school playground, 'De Pinksterbloem'

Notes: Berlage Institute and Splendor Foundation, Amsterdam

Employer: Jury, Prix de Rome

Notes: amsterdam

Employer: Jury Member, meppel Municipal hall contest

Employer: Chairperson, symposium 'Restoration'

Notes: Restoration Department, The Hague

Employer: Chairperson Jury, Staalprijs


No collaborators on record


No apprenticeships on record


Name: Honourable mention

Description: Archiprix

Name: Charlotte Kohler Award

Name: Architecture Incentive Award of the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

Name: Rotterdam-Maaskant award for young architects

Name: Merkelbach Award 1997 and Incentive Award for Architecture


No exhibitions on record

Notable Projects

No projects on record


Institution: Ignatius College, Amsterdam

Department: Gymnasium B,

Institution: Technical University Delft

Department: Department of Architecture

Degree: Architecture

Notes: cum laude

Institution: Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

Notes: Year of Study


No licenses on record

Professional Affiliations

No affiliations on record

Publications By

Title: 'On my own work', lecture

City: Utrecht

Country: Netherlands

Notes: Institute for Architecture

Title: "What luggage does the architecture graduate need to go into practice?"

Country: Netherlands

Notes: BNA disscusion meeting Amsterdam

Title: 'Embellishment', Lecture

City: Roosendaal

Notes: Kader Foundation

Title: 'Perceiving', guest lecture

City: Velp

Notes: Larenstein Polytechnic

Title: 'On my own work', lecture

City: Amsterdam

Notes: Faculty of Education and Child Psychology, Amsterdam Poytechnic

Title: 'The oppurtunities for the luxury city apartment', lecture

City: Amsterdam

Notes: De Principaal

Title: 'The POLsprung Netherlands, eine vortragsreihe zu architecktonischen Entwicklungspotenzen', lecture

City: Berlin-Weissensee

Country: Germany

Notes: Kunsthochschule fur Gestaltung

Title: 'Taking care of public space' lecture design

City: Utrecht

Notes: Faculty of Art and Design, Polytechnic for the Arts

Title: 'Demands to be made on the innovative client in the years 1995-2015', lecture

Notes: Degoede woning Apeldoorn

Title: 'Urban planning; city design and the utopia of the engineered environment, lecture

Notes: Weezebeekkring cultural cafe, Alemelo

Title: "What should architects know about technology?"

Notes: Technical Faculty, Christelijke Hogeschool Windesheim, Zwollee

Title: 'Theory and Practice' lecture

Notes: Fachhochschule Konstanz, Germany

Title: 'National Mathematics Days', lecture

City: Utrecht

Notes: Freudenthal Institute

Title: 'Quality improvement in housing', lecture

Notes: Housing Info Centre, Ede

Title: 'Architectural advisory services' contribution; "The architectural advisory services have to go' lecture

Notes: Eik en Linde, Amsterdam

Title: Millennium manifestatie Transformama wonen @ Transforma

City: Rotterdam

Title: 'Small Capital' lecture on outdoor space and childrem

Notes: Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam

Title: 'Whats on your mind' lecture

City: Berlin

Notes: Technische Universitat

Title: Soroptimistenclub Lecture

Notes: Hilversum

Title: Expert meeting, 'Thirty years of Spatial Development Laboratory'

Notes: Stedelijke Woningdienst Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam

Title: 'Concept and Detail' guest lecture

Notes: Technical University Delft

Title: 'Architecture Today' guest lecturer

Date Published: February 09, 2000

Notes: Architectural Academy Groningen

Title: 'The Giant Awakes', guest lecturer

Notes: Haarlemmermeer Local Authority, Hoofddorp

Title: 'Design in wooden skeletal architcture', lecture

Notes: Wood Centre Almere

Title: 'Housing Policy development and urban renewal memorandum, vision or plan?'

Notes: discussion meeting, Utrecht Province

Title: 'On my own work' lecture

City: Amsterdam

Notes: Artifex Travel BV, Netherlands Maritime Museum

Publications About

Title: Liesbeth van der Pol

Author: Beukers, Eelco and Geert Bekaert

Publisher: NAi Publishers

City: Rotterdam

Country: Netherlands