Eleanor McMillen-Brown

General Information

Occupation: Interior Designer

Date of Birth: February 12, 1890

Birth City: St. Louis

Birth State/Province: Missouri

Birth Country: United States

Resident City: New York

Resident State/Province: New York

Resident Country: United States

Sources: Sixty Years of Interior Design: The World of McMillen, Erica Brown



Employer: McMillen Inc.

Title: Founder

City: New York

Country: 190

Notes: 148 East 55th Street, New York, New York


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Notable Projects

Title: Cosmopolitan Club

Description: Interiors

City: New York

Country: 190

Title: Steuben Glass Showroom

Description: Redesign of Interior

City: New York

Country: 190


Institution: New York School of Fine and Applied Arts

Notes: Schools name was later changed to Parsons School of Design


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Professional Affiliations

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Publications By

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Publications About

Title: Sixty Years of Interior Design

Author: Brown, Erica

Publisher: Viking Press

City: New York

Country: 190

Notes: ISBN 0-670-64775-6

Title: Women Designers in the USA

Author: Kirkham, Pat

Page: 311-318

Publisher: Yale University of Press

City: New Haven

Country: 190

Notes: ISBN 0-300-09331-4

Title: Twentieth Century Architectural Digest 100 Years of Design

Author: XXXXX

Publication: Architectural Digest

Volume: Vol. 56

Publisher: Conde Nast Publication

City: New York

Country: 190

Date Published: April 01, 1999