Eva Marianne Krueger

General Information

Occupation: Architect, Painter

Birth City: Berlin

Notes: Practiced architecture from 1950 to early 1960's then concentrated on art. Collection includes biographical information and watercolors.Ms2000-098

Archive/Repository: IAWA, blacksburg VA

Sources: collection


Subject: Painting

Description: Since 1963, Ms. Krueger has concentrared on painting. Then in 1985, she has been focusing on creating containers and boxes made with colored glass.


Employer: Broesicke

Title: Architect

City: Frankfurt

Notes: Designed Dresdner Bank (headquarters, branch offices, apartment houses for directors)

Employer: Broesicke

Title: Architect

City: Franfurt

Notes: Quandt- Groupe ( Headquarters in Frankfurt, villas for directors, branch offices in several cities)

Employer: Broesicke

Country: Germany

Notes: Schweizer Versicherung Zurich (Headquarters and several villas in Taunus)



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Institution: University of Berlin

Department: Art History and Archeology

Notes: classes suspended in 1944

Institution: Technische Hochschule at charlottenburg

Department: Architecture

Degree: received diploma

Institution: Technische Hochschule at Charlottenburg

Department: Art

Degree: Masters


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